"Tiger" Tethered Aerostats with mobile mooring system

The aerostat is a highly effective unmanned LTA capable of holding surveillance equipment and communications (up to 450 kg.) at altitudes of up to 3 km, thus providing a range of these devices over 200 km. Tested aerostatic complex belongs to the large volume ones. This complex was established by order of our military for the first time in modern Russia. All original materials and components - domestic production, which also indicates the development of the aeronautic industry technological base.


The "Tiger" aerostat, a volume of about 3000 cubic meters. We have developed this type LTA series of volume of 2500 cubic meters up to 3200 cubic meters for different payloads. All they get the name "Tiger" with certain codes, indicating the volume.





36,4 m
12,6 m
2 625 m³
Payload200 kg*
Max Operating Altitude1 500 m
Continuous Operatio
20 days
Raising and Lowering Time20-25 min.
Mooring Facility
Integrated on trailer including main winch and 3 auxiliary winches, reliable, suitable for fast relocation and rapid deployment
Weight       23 200 kg
Dimensions: L=19 980** mm; W=2 960 mm; H=3 530 mm
Environmental Limitation


Wind                                                  25 m/sec
Temperature                                      «-40°C» – «+45°C»
Survivable Winds (Airborne)            42 m/sec
Survivable Winds (Moored)             42 m/sec
Launch and Recovery Winds            12 m/sec
Thunderstorm Avoidance                  desirable
Lightning Current (Airborne)            50 kA
Icing (Airborne)                                 anti icing system for values
Snow                                                  up to10 cm/day
Rain (Uniform)                                   up to 80 mm/day
Life Span
Envelope                                          5 years
Cable tether                                      2,5-5 years (600 cycles)
Mooring System and others             15 years
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