"Irbis" Low Volume Tethered Aerostats

Designed to operate at an altitude of 900 m and lifting payloads weighing up to 20 kg. An operating time period up to 10 days. Aerostat is extremely simple to operate, it can be deployed on any unprepared site for the short period of time. LTA is able to carry as payload a small optical-electronic system with its own power supply, which allows to control over 5 km radius territory, EW facilities, retransmitters, antenna devices.
Compact small volume and weight of the aerostat allow to use it as a simulator for aeronautical department personnel trainings for a minimal costs.



  Advantages of this system are:
1. Long endurance non stop missions.
2. Simple operation and service
3. Higher safety comparing to other kinds of air control vehicles.
4. Minimal crew.
5. Relatively low cost of the system.
Tethered aerostatic complex “Irbis” is very cost-effective in operation. This conclusion is based on the fact that the aerostats used 20-25% less gas than any world analogue capable of accomplishing the same job. The second reason is low loss of helium, the third reason is that easy repair features enable the crew to make a simple repair on site. During the inflation and first lift the aerostat requires 4-6 people. The regular operation, including re-inflation and inspection requires 1-2 members of crew. The only exclusion is the flight with a pilot-observer. Aerostat can be operated with the existing standard winches equipped with the steel cables.

   Technical data of the Tethered Aerostat "Irbis"

Envelope volume

112,5 cubic m
Length 12,3 m
Payload  up to 20 kg
Working altitude  300-900 m

Working altitude with 10 kg paylloud

 up to 900 m

Max. wind velocity by the ground mooring system

 up to 20 m/c

 Max. wind velocity at a working altitude 

 up to 15 m/c
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