Au-12 two seat airship

The two-seat Au-12M airship is assigned for aeronaut-pilot training, patroling, traffic and city areas monitoring, emergencycontrol, advertising flight, high-qulity air photography, filming and rescue operations.


The AU-12 airship structure embodies both vertical and short run take-off and landing,
no helium consumption flights and automatic pressurizing system.
The AU-12 is the only airship in the world of this size equipped by thrust vectoring system providing the exceptional controllability at low velocities.
The range of application is quite conventional for the AU-12 among the same class airships, as follow: patrolling, air photography, information communication, and advertising campaigns deployment. The airship is particularly suitable for pilot training, thanks to the crew cockpit configuration.
The AU-12 flight characteristics allow an intermediate level aeronaut-pilot to master and fly this LTA aircraft having passed through special training course. The three parking options are provided by the airship operational conditions – under a shed, at a mobile, or a stationary mooring mast.
At once as the AU-12 airship has gained its Type Certificate, it was welcomed at the international markets. For the first time in the history of Russia a domestically produced airships have acquired these foreign consumers.






 The AU-12 is the first Russian airship awarded by Type Certificate.

The Au-12 Technical Data 
Volume, cu. m 1250 m3
including air ballonets, cu. m312 m3
Length/diameter ratio4
Envelope max. diameter, m8,47 m
Envelope length, m34 m
Max. height, m10,74 m
Net weight, kg780 kg
Min. operable speed, km/h0 km/h
Cruising speed, km/h50 - 90 km/h
Max. speed, km/h100 km/h
Engine typeRotax-912 ULS.
Engine power, h.p.100 h.p 
Duration of flight at , hrs 6 h

Duration of flight at max. speed, hrs

2 h
Flight range, km350 km
Max. altitude, mup to 1500 m
Normal altitude, m10...1000 m
Crew1 pilot
Commercial payload, kgup to 130 +1 person
Ground crew2-3 person
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