RosAeroSystems is a leading Russian lighter-than-air manufacturer. The company was founded in 1991. During the last 10 years a potent staff team of highly professional designers and engineers, experienced production managers and skilled workers has been generated. Our design bureau has gained its state certification and all up-to-date production and testing facilities have been created. Nowadays RosAeroSystems is the only Russian enterprise, and one of the few in the world with own and powerful aerostatic envelope production division, able to produce and test envelopes up to 50 000 cub m volume. The envelope production line is equipped by high-precision computerized cutting equipment and RF welding machines. We utilize only the cutting-edge materials and instrumentation delivered from the USA, Japan, France, Italy and the UK. More than 150 high-level specialists are working currently in RosAeroSystems. The Company is being constantly eager to acquire young graduates and specialists, and offer them competitive positions along with permanent job training.

The main goal of RosAeroSystems is to build big airships and aerostats. Our strategy is to undertake a successive approach to the large LTA aircrafts via the smaller aircrafts generation, coupled with gaining essential experience, technological base and production facilities upgrading. Before we are able enough to build large transport airships, the certain stages should be completed, the most of which has been already successfully performed: the 2-seat Au-12 airship has been created and certified by the Interstate Aviation Committee of the CIS, and now patrolling the Moscow ring highway in the interests of Ministry of Internal Affairs; the largest Russian tethered aerostat PUMA featuring 12 000 cub m volume capacity has been built; the unique multifunctional 10-seat Au-30 airship has been already lifted up to the sky and now is being one of the most advanced in the world. All the success we have met through these stages implementation is the best proof of our competence and ability to solve more complicated tasks. Among them – our perspective projects developments – the medium altitude unmanned airship Sokol, the high-altitude unmanned Berkut satellite airship; the hybrid cargo-and-passenger ATLANT airships;

The basis for the optimistic spirit we have during all these projects development is our great advantage of access to the technological and intellectual potential of the Russian aerospace industry - all the scientific and practical achievements which have been religiously accumulated for the long years and at present are the integral part of our manufacturing process. Among our partners are the world-famous Lavochkin Design Bureau, Moscow Aviation Institute (State University), Myasischev experimental plant, Design Beureau for Industrial Automatic (Saratov) and the others. These enterprises all have been created in the golden age of the Soviet aerospace industry, and nowadays their huge potential and vast experience support the aeronautics development process in Russia.

Our production is much in demand at the Russian market, which requires airships and aerostats to perform special, and sometimes unique, tasks in the sky over Siberia or Northern regions. Moreover, the company is permanently working over expanding its volume of exports, including the Rosoboronexport Federal State Unitary Enterprise supplies. We are actively participating in the new markets reclamation, like India, China, , the South America, and also advance our production at the conventional markets of Europe and the North America.


Gennady E. Verba
President of RosAeroSystems




"AUGUR - RosAeroSystems", 1991 - 2015

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