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Successfully completed testing of "Tiger" new generation LTA



In the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation Moscow region aeronautic testing center (Volsk, Saratov region.) it was completed a series of tests of the latest aerostatic complex, developed under the state defense order by leading industry enterprises of the country (Radio engineering concern "Vega", JSC "Universal-Aero, Inc." Aeronautic Center AUGUR "etc.). The tests took place in a wide range of weather conditions and demonstrated the suitability of the aerostat and its mooring facilities to operate under the interest of Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.
The aerostat is a highly effective unmanned LTA capable of holding surveillance equipment and communications (up to 450 kg.) at altitudes of up to 3 km, thus providing a range of these devices over 200 km. Tested aerostatic complex belongs to the large volume ones. This complex was established by order of our military for the first time in modern Russia. All original materials and components - domestic production, which also indicates the development of the aeronautic industry technological base.
The "Tiger" aerostat, a volume of about 3000 cubic meters, was designed and produced by “Aeronautic Center “AUGUR"- a leading Russian company to design aerostatic complex.
We have developed this type LTA series of volume of 2500 cubic meters up to 3200 cubic meters for different payloads. All they get the name "Tiger" with certain codes, indicating the volume.
Various law enforcement agencies of our country and many foreign customers exhibit interest in these products.
AC "AUGUR" mass production of several types of small-volume LTA, developed its several versions, the average volume of "Gepard" for lifting equipment weighing up to 300 kg. to a height of 1500m. as well as the country's largest tethered aerostatic complex "Puma" with 12 000 cubic meters to lift more than 2 tons of equipment to a height of 3 km.
It is the only airship producer in the country and is currently working on a new aircraft – “ATLANT”, transport airship of the future

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