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"Gepard" comes out into the vast.



December 23 TAC "Gepard” flight tests which were held throughout the last month in Volsk(Saratov region) at a specialized training ground of Air Force Defense Ministry,.were successfully completed. The tests took place in a wide range of weather conditions and demonstrated compliance with the customer product requirements. The tests became the four years work result of Scientific and Production Association staff and a number of subcontractors enterprises.
The importance of this event is determined by the fact that the "Gepard" refers to the so-called middle class tethered aerostat (1000 - 5000 cubic meters.) that haven’t been developed and haven’t been produced in Russia since the Soviet Union collapse, and up to now they were not used for the Russian military. The aerostats of this class are world-wide implemented to carry the surveillance and communication equipment and will help to solve the various problems in our country.
“Gepard" is an unmanned automatic platform which is able to carry a payload up to 300 kg at the altitude up to 2 km, power-supplied for a long time (at least 2 weeks). Various modifications have volume of 1200 to 1900 cubic meters with a length of 27 to 33 meters.

The appearance of "Gepard" with different payloads allows to solve the wide range of tasks of ensuring the safety of large facilities and activities of the state border, the implementation problems of air defense for the early detection of low-flying targets, ensuring communications for military purposes, and for the civilian sector, environmental monitoring etc.

Earlier “AUGUR- RosAeroSystems” Scientific and Producing Association (SPA) - has developed a series of small volume aerostats, many of which are used by the Ministry of
Defense and the Interior Ministry of Russia. Puma the largest in history Russian tethered aerostat (volume 12,000 cub metres) was developed and delivered to the customer through Rosoboronexport State Corporation.

Now, in addition to small-and large-class aerostat product line was enriched with middle class aerostat - the most promising mobile and multifunction systems.
Interest in such systems is expressed by a number of defense and law enforcement agencies of our country and foreign customers of the Russian aeronautic technology.


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