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AU-30 airship test operation with magnetic and gravimetric equipment

New gravimetric system flight tests began on January 22, 2014 at the airship airfield "Kirzhach". Russian Metrology Research Institute named after D.I. Mendeleev (RMRI named after D.I. Mendeleev) experts installed the equipment onboard the AU- 30 airship. On January 23 conducted the first flight with the magnetic and gravimetric equipment on board.

 Leonid F. Vitushkin - Head of the Laboratory of gravity and perspective projects of the Russian Metrology Research Institute named after D.I. Mendeleev - The group of scientists began testing of the magnetic and gravimetric equipment onboard the AU- 30 airship. The airship has a number of advantages over conventional airplane or helicopter surveys. It is capable to fly at very low altitude and at low speed, which greatly increases the efficiency of gravity survey. The data will be obtained during further regular measurements can be used for mineral exploration and the refinement of the earth gravity field local model, which is essential for navigation systems precise operation.

RMRI experts identified a number of reasons to use the airship for gravimetric measurements. First of all is an economic benefit: the airship is more economical and ecological by operation than airplane or helicopter. The airships magnetic interference is lower than by other aircrafts.

 Igor Kulikov - Director of the airship airfield "Kirzhach" - "We have begun the general evaluation of gravimetric and magnetometric equipment onboard the AU- 30 airship. The weather conditions of the test are harsh (the temperature is -22 degree Celsius). Harsh weather conditions are typical for the arctic regions of Siberia and the Far East, where airships are most requested. The equipment used by tests requires precise temperature control. Separate tactical task is to follow the flight parameters specified by geophysicists. The test program was designed for two weeks at the rate of 5-6 days of flight, on an average about 20 flight hours a day. This time is enough to get required data and statistics of this equipment use".

According to the first flight results RMRI experts conclude the perspectiveness of such survey. In the future the AU-30 airship will conduct the gravimetric measurement, where it is impossible for the aircraft. Geophysicists come now to cautious conclusions. We have to wait for the final results of the tests to talk about the beginning of an ambitious project using AU- 30 airship.

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