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Skolkovo Grant Committee has finally approved the funding of the “ATLANT” project



Skolkovo Grant Committee has approved the project of its resident, the Experimental Design Bureau “ATLANT” (the subsidiary of Augur Aeronautical Centre Inc.), on September 17, 2014. The name of the project is “The active ballasting system” (ABS) of the hybrid transport airship “ATLANT”. Foundation subdivisions and external experts have unanimously given the highest evaluation to the “ATLANT” project. This is the final stage of the presented project review before the beginning of the financing. The Fund’s finances will be received under the contract with Experimental Design Bureau “ATLANT” Ltd., which should be signed within the next two weeks. This is the nine month project. Upon the work completion the ABS prototype will be produced and tested, the ABS conceptual design will be developed and items of intellectual property will be created. This important work stage will actually became the beginning of the hybrid airship “ATLANT” creation, when the designing stage changes into the stage of implementation.

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