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Augur Aeronautical Centre Inc. became the winner of the International Transport Award “Golden Chariot”.


From September 23 to 26, 2014 in Berlin has taken place the major International transport exhibition InnoTrans. On the date of the forum on September 24 has taken place the 10th anniversary awards ceremony for the world best transport companies “Golden Chariot”, which has become a kind of Oscar in the world of transport over the past few years.   

The prize of the nomination “Most Innovative in Sustainable Transport Engineering” was awarded to the Augur Aeronautical Centre Inc., Russia for the “ATLANT” project development.

   «ATLANT» is the new generation aircraft, which is capable to make a revolution in the field of cargo transportation. «ATLANT» retains the unique airships advantages: long flight endurance and big payload capacity, as well as economic and environmental efficiency. At the same time absolutely new and unique “ATLANT” properties allow to have no need of ground infrastructure complex, shed and ballasting during unloading. “ATLANT” technical capabilities will allow in the future enable the creation of the innovative transport and logistic system, which will make the exploitation of small and medium size mineral deposits cost-effective, will provide the uninterrupted year-round supply of remote regions and ultimately will give a powerful economic impetus to Siberia, Far East and Far North development. In principle, “ATLANT” may withdraw the concept of “northern delivery” and replace it with the regular supply of remote regions. “ATLANT” is intended to be used in adverse climatic conditions in the regions with lack of transport infrastructure, which makes those aircrafts having no alternative for many tasks solution.         


Tadeusz Szozda, Chairman OSJD committee and Gennady Bessonov, Expert on UN transportation issues, Secretary General, coordination Council on Transsiberian Transportation (CCTT) handed the honorary award in a festive atmosphere to Gennady Verba, the President of Augur Aeronautical Centre, Inc.

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