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Happy New Year, dear friends! Happy New year to all who loves and supports us! Happy New Year to all who donít loves us and envies us!


2014 was for us remarkable year.

    «The heart» of our company innovations is ATLANT project, because its implementation will be able to take the Russian aerostatic technology to the new level.

    This autumn Skolkovo Grant Committee has approved the project “Control buoyancy system” of the hybrid transport airship ATLANT. This is the serious step forward.

    This year ATLANT was internationally recognized having a kind of “Oscar” award. The “Augur Aeronautical Centre Inc.” was awarded the “Golden Chariot” at the ceremony of world best transport company awarding in Berlin for the ATLANT in the nomination “The best innovation transport company”.

     We are sure that ATLANT in the near future will become the non-alternative aircraft and will play significant role in logistic of remote territories. We are working on this project every day persistent, professionally and with the reasonable optimism and enthusiasm.

    Happy New Year! Let 2015 be the year of continuing success. We wish you well-being, inspiration and faith!

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