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Within the August 13th  to 28th  at the only Russian airship  launch site 

in Kirzhach city the successful flight tests of the new modification of tethered aerostatic complex «TIGER» has been completed.






         The tethered aerostatic complexes (TAC) are unmanned aircrafts of high lifting capacity (up to few tons), unique flight endurance (over 1 month) at the altitude up to 5 km with very low operational expenses. «Augur Aeronautical Centre» is the leading Russian TAC manufacturer.  

            The first «TIGER» version has been built and successfully tested in 2011. Afterwards the few Russian and foreign companies had tried to copy the system but the desired operational characteristics wasn’t achieved.

            During the recent years specialists of «Augur» and its partners substantially improved the initial design: the new unique envelope fabric has been developed, the ground support equipment has been completely upgraded – the new mobile mooring system with hydraulic drive is created, original control, data link systems and many other enhancements been implemented.

Nowadays «TIGER» is one of the world biggest mobile TAC. It ensures fast relocation and deployment by means of minimal manpower. The aerostat able to withstand hurricanes and can be operated in any climate zone. It can serve the wide range of surveillance and communication equipment.

The TAC «TIGER» is fitted by modern control, power supply and high speed data link systems, ensures continuous non interruptional functioning of contemporary high tech equipment and can be used by wide range of both civil and military customers. Marketing researches proves the high export potential of the product.   

TAC «TIGER» technical characteristics



Envelope volume, ́3

3 000

Length, ́


Max. Wind speed, ́/s:

- on ground

- at operational altitude




Endurance, days


Max. altitude, ́


Payload, êg

100 - 600

Max. payload power consumption, êW



            At the soonest time «Augur» is going to test the newest product – the biggest in Russia TAC «JAGUAR» twice exceeding the «TIGER» characteristics.


Reference: «Augur Aeronautical Centre»» - is one of the world leader LTA manufacturer founded in 1991. During its history more than 200 different designs are created and tested, among them: a tethered aerostat "Puma" – one of the world's largest of 12 000 cubic meters, Russia's largest airship AU-30 has set in 2008 a world record flight range.  "Augur" as the initiator and leading developer of innovative transport aircraft of the future – ATLANT, included in the program "United Eurasia". The detailed information on our web-site:                

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