"Aerolift" Tethered Aeronautical Attraction

 Thanks to AEROLIFT attraction thousands of people will be able to see the world from a bird's-eye view. Satisfying people's desire to fly, at the same time AEROLIFT stays a safe attraction with an affordable ticket price. Therefore it looks winning from an investor's point of view and has tremendous advertising potentiality.


  The basket of AEROLIFT attraction spherical aerostat is capable of carrying up to 18 persons. Strong steel cable attached to the ground holds out the aerostat structure. Vertical displacement (i.e. up and down) is provided by veering and hauling the cable with an electric winch. The winch applied here provides smooth drum rotation speed variation to avoid dynamical overloads in the passenger basket. To make embarkation and disembarkation more comfortable for passengers, a special landing platform has been developed. Spherical envelope is filled in with a safe gas – helium – and has been made of high-strength gas-holding material by means of RF welding. That is why one envelope can be operated for 4-6 years without replacement. To compensate pressure drops, air-ballonet is provisioned inside the envelope. Moreover, AROLIFT aerostats are already staffed with stationary parking facilities used to save the envelope during the night time. This is a pneumatic anchor ring capable of holding on the aerostat under wind speed up to 30 km/h conditions. In case of the weaker wind (15 km/h) - 8 parking ropes and winches do the same job.
In order to guarantee safety for passengers, the attraction is supplied with pressurizing control signaling system inside envelope, mobile gas replenishment system, gas and air valves. Being a high-altitude object, the attraction is equipped with navigation lights, which turn on in the night time. Parking platform is supplied with automatic winch stop system. In case of premeditated cable damage, free flight is also permissible, as gas releasing system and emergency ballast are provisioned for AEROLIFT structure.
The similar attractions are being employed in England, France, the USA, Brazil, Sweden and other countries (see photo), being popular there. In the average for, one summer season each aeronautical attraction is attended by 30 to 40 thousands people. Tickets cost about $10 to $20.  Usually one or two successful seasons pay back all the expenses connected with the attraction purchase and operation.

  High product quality is proofed by Type Certificates of Interstate Aviation Committee of CIS and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).


AeroLiftTM Attraction Technical Data          
Envelope volume,m33200
Ballonet volume, m3450
Maximum diameter of envelope, m18
Buoyancy, kg1900
Carrying capacity, kg1400
Attitude of ascent using ground cable, m90...150
Angle of declination of the cable, deg max 300
Maximum wind speedby the ground storm mooring system  , m/cup to 30
Maximum wind speed , m/cup to 10
Speed of ascent, m/cup to 1
Speed of descent, m/c1
Time of cycle, min15

AL-30 aerostat at the parking platform scheme

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